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Misfit Toyz?

A little about the name

Almost all of my favorite people are artists - Musicians, Painters, woodworkers, jewelry makers, photographers, models, dancers, etc.   The one thing that every artist that I know and respect has in common, is that they are uncommon.  They are all slightly irregular.  They are all a little bit broken.   We are all a little broken, that's what makes us unique.  


During a photo shoot with a model friend of mine, my wife and I were discussing this very thing with the model and I said  "We are all refugees from the island of Misfit Toys".    It stuck, and I began referring to my circle of friends as The Misfit Toys.    I decided to rebrand my jewelry, photography, and other artistic pursuits under the name Misfit Toyz Art Studio as a way to embrace the broken parts in all of us.  

Great thanks to the amazing Gabi Goggin for helping create my vision for the logo.

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